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Omeyyade vs Gaule (France) : Historique des batailles

481 CE – Clovis I united various germanic frankish tribes and became dominant power in Belgica (Belgium & northeast France).

486 CE – Franks under Clovis defeated remnant of Roman Empire in Gaul (Kingdom of Soissons) ruled by Syagrius, Magister of Gaul.

507 CE – Germanic Franks under Clovis defeated Germanic Visigoth under Alaric near Poitiers.

Visigoth retreated to south to Iberia (Spain & Portugal) and Septimania (Southeast France).

711 CE – Umayyad armies crossed Gibraltar strait (Jabl at-Tariq) with the help of Count Julian.

712 CE – Outnumbered Umayyad forces defeated larger Visigoth forces near Guadalete (Oued al-Laka) in southern Spain.

Visigoth king, Roderic was killed in the battle.

719 CE – Franks under Prince Charles defeated and subjugated other Germanic tribe of Bavaria, Allemania, Saxons and Frisia, expanding Frankish kingdom to the heart of Germanic lands.

720 CE – Umayyad armies crossed Pyrenees and pursuing Visigoth to Septimania (Southeast France).

721 CE – Umayyad armies led by governor of Andalus (spain) Al-Samh Al-Khawlani (Zama) seized Narbonensis (Narbonne) in southeast france, and continue to besieging city of  Tolosates (Touluse) in Aquitaine (southwest France).

Duke Eudes (Odo) attacked Umayyad with Aquitanian and Franks. Intially umayyad could drove away Odo forces and became overconfident. Then Odo forces surprisingly returned & destroyed Umayyad forces. Al-Samh Al Khawlani (Zama) , governor of Al Andalus, was killed in the Battle.

731 CE – Abdul Rahman Al-Ghafiqi was appointed as Governor of al-Andalus (Spain & Portugal) in Cordoba

732 CE – Umayyad army returned to Aquitaine and defeated Odo Forces near Bordeaux (River Garonne).

Odo seek help & submitted to his rival, King Charles of the Franks.

After passing Poitiers, Umayyad forces met with main Franks forces blocking their advance to Tours.

Fierce battle ensued between Umayyad & the Frankish army, as Franks took position on high ground, suitable for defence against umayyad lager forces.

Umayyad army initially gained the upper hand, but Charles sent skirmisher to harass umayyad camp in behind.

Umayyad army afraid to lose his precious loots, rushed back to the camp to secure the booty, scattering their formation while the Franks continue to attack them.

Al-Ghafiqi try to keep his men intact with no avail, he was surrounded and killed by Frankish soldiers.

While the rest of the Umayyad forces retreated from the battlefield, tho ones who remain were slaughtered by the Franks.

as the night come, Umayyad forces silently retreated to Narbonne during the night, unnoticed by the Franks.

734 CE – Umayyad province of Arbūnah (Narbonne) with Yusuf al-Fihri as its governor, still held Avignon, Arles and Marseille with the submission of Patrician of Provence, Count Maurontus.

736 CE – Umayyad armada arrived in Narbonne and reinforce Arles and Avignon, aiding Maurontus.

737 CE – Charles Martel besieged Umayyad held Avignon and destroyed it along with their fleet in nearby river.

Umayyad in Andalusia (Spain) sent reinforcement to relieve Narbonne, but intercepted and destroyed by the Franks.

He then continued to besiege Umayyad headquarter in Narbonne, but ended in failure due to rivalry with Hunald of Aquitaine and rebellion from Umayyad-ally, count Maurontus, patrician of Provence.

739 CE – Frankish army defeated and count Maurontus, Umayyad-ally in Marseille who flee to northern Italy (Alps).

741 CE – Charles Martel died, succeeded by King Pépin the Short.

753 CE – Arbūnah (Narbonne) still in the hand of Umayyad forces, administered by Patrician Count Miló with constant supply from Andalusian (Spain) by sea.

759 CE – The spread of Abassid revolution started in 750 CE hampered the reinforcement & supply to Narbonne from Andalusia (Spain), Narbonne supply & manpower soon depleted.

Franks under Pepin besieged Narbonne for several years. As the time pass by,  Umayyad garrison unable to withstand the siege due lack of supply and defeated